Sample Fertility Menu

This is a sample menu of what I eat on a weekly basis, trying to fit in nutrient dense foods, eggs everyday, seafood a couple times per week, broth multiple times per week, lacto-fermented foods, lots of good fat, and fresh produce.


  • Breakfast – 2 egg omelet and 1/2 cup whole milk yogurt and berries (saute onion, colored peppers and kale in butter, add to omelet along with a bit of quality cheese)
  • Dinner – roast chicken, gratineed leeks, mashed cauliflower : the chicken can easily be made in the crockpot on low all day, just add splash of water and seasonings. After dinner is over, pull the extra meat of the bones and place them back in the crockpot (the bones) along with a few carrots, celery, cloves of garlic and an onion. Set on low at least overnight or 24 hours to make homemade broth.


  • Breakfastfritatta made with broccoli, red pepper, spinach and onion along with a bit of cheese.
  • LunchChicken Sweet Potato Curry : this would also make a good dinner, but my husband is not a fan of fruit juice with meats, so I’ll make this for myself.
  • Dinner – steak, veggie rice, steamed broccoli : this is definitely an easy meal for me since Todd usually grills up the steaks, I can get the other dishes going and actually clean up a bit before we eat. you can also use broth to cook the veggie rice, adding extra nutrients


  • Breakfastsoaked oatmeal topped with butter, cream, maple syrup, and chopped almonds
  • Lunch – deviled eggs, cut veggies and dip, fruit
  • Dinnerchicken noodle soup and a small salad. (use the broth you made on Monday and the leftover chicken) : I usually forgo a recipe and just add what I have on hand, most normally broth to fill half the pot, 2-3 carrots, 2-3 stalks of celery, a small onion, and a few cloves of garlic. Salt and pepper to taste and then either spinach or kale during the last 5 minutes. You can also add rice or noodles.(do not add GF noodles while cooking – cook them separately)


  • Lunch – leftover soup from dinner, small salad


  • Breakfast – smoothies : I love making smoothies for breakfast, fill them with great ingredients and you won’t be hungry again in an hour. I regularly use yogurt and raw milk, adding in banana, frozen fruit, a veggie or three, a handful of crispy almonds, and 2 raw pastured egg yolks. I also use them to add my supplements to!
  • Lunch – taco salad : go easy on yourself and use up the leftover meat from the night before and make yourself a nice taco salad


  • Lunch – egg salad or tuna salad over a bed of greens, piece of fruit
  • Dinner – baked wild caught salmon, baked potato, sauteed kale, cooked carrots


  • Breakfast – omelets, sausage, fried potatoes : saute veggies for omelets, cut up one potato for every 2 people and fry in butter or bacon grease on the stovetop.
  • Lunch – McDonalds. (sorry, just checking to see if you’re still reading. But seriously? After an entire week of preparing whole foods, it does get a bit tiring. Heck, I’m tired just trying figure out this blasted menu!) We usually eat leftovers on Sunday, making it easy after we get out of church. If it’s warm out – make a smoothie and a salad. Chilly? A bowl of soup. Or I love the lunch that Liz posted last week- Loaded sweet potato (with fat of your choice: ghee, coconut oil, yogurt/kefir, etc.), nutritional yeast, scallions, Hemp Seed Creamy Peppercorn Ranch Dressing(or raw sheeps or goats milk cheese, if you are not sensitive), sausage crumbles or fried egg.
  • Dinnerchili : one of our favorite one pot meals that will last throughout the week for leftover lunches. You can even put in extra veggies; chopped celery, shredded carrot, etc.


  • water
  • herbal tea
  • kombucha
  • kefir
  • milk


Have a great weekend!

You can also download the basic nutritional guidelines from the forum when you sign up for the Naturally Balanced Challenge!

Donielle Baker

Donielle Baker

owner and editor of Natural Fertility and Wellness at Natural Fertility and Wellness
Donielle believes women can learn how to heal their bodies & balance their hormones through natural methods. An advocate for natural health, she has a passion for nourishing/real food nutrition and natural living. Her personal background includes both infertility and miscarriage and she started Natural Fertility and Wellness in 2008 in order to share all of the information she found helpful in her journey to heal from PCOS and overcome infertility.
Donielle Baker
Donielle Baker
Donielle Baker
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  1. says

    Following up on what I said earlier in the week… this definitely isn’t weird. I mean, there are some mods that make things healthier than I am used to eating, but it’s not weird at all. I think I can do this!

    • donielle says

      @Jeanne G., :-) We definitely have a pretty basic diet. I have to be able to find everything I use at our local grocery stores and my husband doesn’t like to try new things. So I take a lot of our old meals and make them better! It’s not “perfect” and sometimes I feel like I should be doing more – but right now this is what I can handle. I just try and make something new every month or so.

  2. says

    Try adding avocado to your smoothies. I always do. It’s the secret to a nice thick, rich smoothie. Plus it’s more healthy fat :) Just a 1/4 avocado really adds to a smoothie. I never make one without it.

    • donielle says

      Oh – I forgot about that one! I don’t do it all the time, just because avocados are so darn expensive, but I do put some in when I have them. One of my kids favorites is banana, avocado, cocoa, and raw yolk with yogurt and milk. :-)

      • says

        @donielle, Yum! That sounds good. Oh, how I wish I could tolerate bananas :( I like to make my daughter a chocolate “shake” as a treat sometimes…raw milk, egg yolk, cocoa, avocado and honey. I always have avocados. They are expensive, but with such a limited diet my food is fairly cheap overall. So that is my “splurge.” I figure I’m not buying desserts, chips, convenience foods, etc. So I can pay for avocados. I recently found that they are really good cooked in a pan with butter, coconut oil and sea salt. Who knew avocados could be so good cooked?

  3. Pam C. says

    Hi, how do you get your folic acid in? I’ve been trying to eat enough through my diet, and without liver, it’s sooooo hard….

  4. Kristie says

    A couple of questions: How do I know which eggs are safe to eat raw? (It would be a big jump for me to eat them raw!) Also, I have been thinking about lacto fermented foods and drinks. Which are considered healthiest? I have been working on gut health for myself and my family. I had elevated liver enzymes, and a bunch of nutritional deficiencies etc., suspicious lyme disease testing yeast overgrowth and other stuff! Also, My family and I have never really tried anything fermented so I would need it to taste good as well as benefit us healthwise! ( My husband has acid reflux and lactose intolerance) I thought about trying coconut kefir to make smoothies with. ( I can’t have milk products.) Thank you for sharing your knowledge Donielle!

    • donielle says

      @Kristie, I only use our own chickens eggs, or the ones I get directly from a local farm – where I know they’ve been outside and have good animal husbandry practices.

      As for fermented or cultured foods, I think coconut kefir is a great place to start! It’s more “normal”. :-) I also make kombucha and water kefir – and when mixed with a bit of juice my whole family enjoys it and it’s gotten them a bit of a taste for fermented foods.

      Also has your husband ever gone gluten free? Just wondering since Todd used to deal with that until his gut healed a bit now that he’s gluten free. We also drink raw milk and he can tolerate that just fine – but not pasteurized milk.

  5. says

    Thanks for sharing your menu! I am always looking for ways to change up my menu :) I pinned your post so hopefully you can get some more visitors :)

  6. ashleyroz says

    Looks good for the most part but where’s the organ meat or shellfish? A woman trying to conceive should be eating those foods at least once or twice a week.

  7. Kelsey says

    Okay, you have me craving just about everything on this menu. I’m going to be making that sweet potato curry for sure this next week, and the veggie rice. AND I had forgotten about the BLT spaghetti squash which we loved so much the first time we tried it – I may have to make that tomorrow. Oh man. Thanks for the inspiration.