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We’ve talked about lunaception before, and I’ve heard enough success stories to know that there has to be something to it! And so a couple of months ago, Luness, sent me this pretty neat little gadget to help me in my quest to better use the practice of lunaception and regulate my cycles.

When I first took a look at it on their website I figured it was some sort of nightlight type device……..and boy was I wrong!

This little gadget sitting on my nightstand, may just be worth it’s weight in gold. And that’s saying quite a bit since it’s a heavy-duty little thing. Even Todd was shocked when he picked it up for the first time saying “Huh, that’s not what I was expecting!”

Speaking of my husband, he sure loves when I get to review stuff. :eyeroll: It’s always so fun to leave them out to surprise him when he gets home….. and I hear “*ahem*, what’s that for” and “what does this mean”? Honest questions of course from a guy who’s had to round the block a few times in the whole trying to conceive thing. (Side note: he’s also come to call my Luness device a “period mouse”. Yes honey, the period is the only thing a woman needs to track in her cycle……)

Anyways, the more I learn about this little thing, the more I grow to like it!
lunaception and luness

“Luness delivers a regimen of light clinically proven to help make cycles more regular.”

What that essentially means is that it acts like to moon right in your bedroom, AND you can align it to your current cycle. I don’t even know where to begin talking about this device, because it’s so complex. Let’s bullet point, shall we?

  • Once you synch it your cycle, the entire device glows shades of red, yellow, and green during the day. You are then able to know your fertility odds – red being not fertile, yellow means it’s possible, and green is the most fertile. Or if you’re the husband – green means go, you’re getting lucky tonight.

lunaception and luness

  • At night you push the red button underneath and the lovely shade of fertility disappears and the whole thing goes dark. You won’t think it’s working properly, or at least I couldn’t figure out what was going on! That was until I finally pulled out the manual (always read the manual – especially this one!) and realized that it always gives you a good half of an hour to get to sleep before the light turns on. For me this is awesome, because I can’t even stand the light on our alarm clock!
  • It also gives you varied lengths of light as well as varied intensity to further re-create the effects of the moon. As you get closer to day 14, the light stays on for four and then finally eight hours and it gets brighter each night.
  • It also has a great option of turning it off for about a half an hour when you tap on the top of it at night, this is so if you wake up it doesn’t prevent you from falling back asleep.
  • The Luness device also gives you the amount of light you need to practice lunaception! I was severely downplaying the amount of light I needed and was shocked when I woke up the first really bright night and Todd was in my face asking if it was morning already (I sleep next to the alarm clock). It literally felt like morning, yet it was only 1am! And talking with the creators of Luness, I found out that we do in fact need more than just a little nightlight to really signal our bodies to produce the correct hormones.
  • Another really cool feature is that it also has an internal sensor that regulates the light output based on your ceiling and walls, making sure that the reflected light is exactly what is needed.
  • It also has a memory, so if you unplug it, the device will still remember what day of the cycle you’re on.
  • There is also an iPhone app, perfect for traveling or if you’re looking at a smaller up front investment. Just make sure you put your phone on airplane mode – I’m a stickler for no phones in the bedroom.

Lunaception and luness

At this point, it also seems important to remember that this device will not in fact tell you your exact fertility, rather, it bases your supposed fertility on this synthetic “moon”.  You will still need to track your cervical mucous and basal temperatures to pinpoint ovulation, especially until your cycle begins to match your Luness device exactly.

And beyond trying to conceive, you can use it to help regulate cycles due to PCOS and peri-menopause, as well as use it to practice natural family planning and prevent conception.

But having the correct amount of light in your room at the right times can help to regulate your cycle and balance your hormones along with the right dietary and lifestyle changes. I’m impressed with all that this device has to offer and I’ve never come across such a lunaception aid that really takes all the thinking out of it!

 (tip – I also noticed that they have a free shipping code currently on their site as well)

Luness is also on Facebook and Twitter!

Lunacption and regular cycles

Donielle Baker

Donielle Baker

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Donielle Baker
Donielle Baker
Donielle Baker
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  1. fruitfulvine9 says

    What about those women that “naturally” have longer regular cycles? Does this actually shorten the luteal phase?

    • donielle says

      @fruitfulvine9, It shouldn’t. Long cycles are usually due to the follicular phase and it would potentially shorten that part of the cycle as the light triggers ovulation to happen earlier. I don’t believe the luteal phase would be affected.

  2. says

    If this actually helps (in conjunction, as you said, with other diet and lifestyle changes), it would be worth every penny. However, I have been Googling like crazy since I heard about this on your site, and it seems to be relatively new technology. Are you going to keep us posted on how it works and if it helps or not? If I knew it worked from a few trusted sources, I would totally try it, but I am a bit skeptical. I have done a lot of research on Lunaception, and it makes a lot of logical sense, but my husband hates trying to sleep with a bright night light on, so I haven’t been able to try it consistently enough to know if it would work for me. I love the idea of a time delayed “snooze” mode…this device seems to take so much of the guesswork out, too. I am really really intrigued…please let us know how it goes!

    • donielle says

      @Leah Johnson, I will – I’m still using it! Last night was the first really bright night again and I only woke once and it didn’t really bother me this time. I’ll try to update in another month or so. :-)

  3. cory says

    That sounds like a really cool device – they’ve put a lot of thought into it, and come up with some really good solutions! My one question is…a lunar month is more like 29-30 days, so 28 days is going to be a little short of the Moon’s natural cycle. I wonder how that factors in?

    • donielle says

      @cory, It actually goes for 29 days each cycle. An once it gets to the end, you push the button to start the cycle over again once you ovulate. (or if you’re trying to regulate ovulation, you’d just start it over again after day 29)

  4. Carmody says

    I actually just purchased the iphone version but it had a maximum of 44 day cycles and my cycles can be much longer than that… do you think I should put in 29 cd’s as that’s what I’d love or is that too ambitious.. maybe better to start with 44? I hope it works as my last cycle was 9 weeks as I’m pcos and still breastfeeding a couple of times a day so not sure how it will work for me.

    • donielle says

      @Carmody, From what I’ve read, you’d start with a 29 day cycle to try and balance the cycle. If you haven’t ovulated in the 29 days, just start it again.

  5. Erin says

    I have started using the ap but am so out of whack that I’m not even sure it has a chance to work. (After my shortest, 41 day, cycle in a long time I have now been bleeding for 3 weeks. I’m calling this my “period forever”.) Have you noticed any difference with using the device over the last couple months? Do they have an average amount of time that women start to sync to the light? Thanks!

    • donielle says

      @Erin, I think it normally takes a few months on average, and of course depend on the cause behind the issue. I notice *some* difference (especially that I sleep better!) but I also have a few vitamin deficiencies going on that need to be taken care of. :-)

    • donielle says

      @Laura, I notice *some* difference (especially that I sleep better!) but I also have a few vitamin deficiencies going on that need to be taken care of. :-)

  6. Kylie Dingledine says

    I have really irregular periods from being on depo. I have been off it for almost a year and was trying to let myself naturally fall back into rhythm, but i’m impatient. Would this device help me? I dont mind the cost if will help my husband and I get pregnant sooner :)

    • donielle says

      @Kylie Dingledine, I always think that healing should start with food, and then alternative therapies like this can help on top of that. So it’s hard to say if in fact one thing will help turn the body around! I find that I sleep much better now, though still working through some hormonal imbalance after my miscarriage last year – so it’s hard to say how much it’s helping vs. supporting what my body can naturally do by itself.

  7. Laura F. says

    I was curious if you are still using the Luneness and how it has been going? It’s been almost a year since you first started using it. My husband and I are talking about getting one but I figured I would ask beforehand. Have your cycles regulated to 29 days? How are your luteal phases? My cycles have been going around 26 days and I’ve been practicing lunaception for about a year now but I keep a nightlight on outside our bedroom so I was going to see if this makes a difference? Thanks!