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Smoothies for fertiity

Healthy blueberry smoothie

As our days start getting longer and the sun starts shining, my body starts to crave lighter foods. I love trading in the heavy soups and stews for smoothies and salads. When I first started making smoothies they weren't that good. In fact, we used to call them 'grities' because they were so ...

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contributing factors in depression

The many petals of depression (5 contributing factors)

written by contributor, Asher Thayer (trigger warning: mention of suicide) A 1-1 moment. Me to you. I generally write an article at least twice. I write an article the first time, decide it’s not quite what I want to say and write it again. And I’m always much happier the second time. ...

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fertility massage

Connecting with your spouse through massage

If there is one thing that almost every couple dealing with infertility goes through, it's the loss of intimacy and connection with their spouse. Infertility can take a toll on many aspects of our life, but our relationships can suffer the most, especially in the area of sexuality and ...

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