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Mindful eating - when can we eat chocolate cake?

Mindful and compassionate eating

We've all heard, ad nauseam, the term "relationship with food." We've heard how it's not about diet but about lifestyle. People, desperate to lose weight for all sorts of reasons, force themselves to make large changes over night. The vast majority of those people are successful in the short-term, ...

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Should you do a fertility detox?

What is cleansing for conception? (fertility detox)

So often we hear of people “cleansing” or “detoxing.” Sometimes they're working with a doctor or nutritionist; sometimes they're taking the advice of a friend; and sometimes the ideas come from an oddball internet source. Detox products are a huge industry, and they often sell to those who are ...

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Improving egg quality - help for getting pregnant after age 35

Improving egg quality

Old eggs ... How do you know you have them?  And how old is too old? If you are 35 or older, chances are that your body has already started slowing down in the reproductive organs, and there's potential that your eggs need a little boost to liven them up.  But don't fret - it's not impossible ...

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