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resources for hashimoto's

I’ve got Hashimoto’s, now what?

So, you've been feeling like crud for a while. You make an appointment with your doctor and he runs some blood work. He calls back the next week and tells you that you have Hashimoto's.  He will say, "It's not big deal. You'll just need to see an endocrinologist and take some medicine and you ...

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vitex for fertility

Expert advice on vitex for fertility

Vitex (also know as chaste tree) is often said to be great for fertility, but is it for everyone? You'd think so by reading fertility forums and blogs! But often times it can make a woman's symptoms worse. Join Kelly LeGendre and I as we talk about vitex; what it is, how it works, who should take ...

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adrenal calming infusion

Adrenal Calming Infusion

I don’t know about you, but when I first heard the term adrenal fatigue I kinda “poo-pooed” it. I mean come on…I thrive on keeping busy. I am a born “do-er”. But in the last couple years I have literally been through some of the darkest health days I have ever experienced because I chose to ...

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Fertility friendly recipes

adrenal calming infusion
Asian Spring Slaw Salad
My favorite homemade spaghetti sauce - this one definitely rocks!
salmon and avocado salad
homemade French Silk Pie
homemade peanut butter balls